Online Professional Development
Learn at your own pace and get officially certified
Edpuzzle Level 1    
Beginner Level
Ideal training for teachers that are getting started with Edpuzzle.
40 minutes
Edpuzzle Level 2    
Intermediate Level
Best for teachers that have been using Edpuzzle for a few weeks.
30 minutes
Edpuzzle Coach    
Advanced Level
Master Edpuzzle. Learn every detail. Help other teachers in your school.
90 minutes
Edpuzzle Flipped    
All Levels
Perfect for teachers that want to learn best practices on how to flip the class.
90 minutes
Gamification in Class 
All Levels
Learn how to use the engagement of video-games to your advantage.
50 minutes, 4 modules
Project Based Learning
All Levels
Empower your students to develop their skills while working on projects.
90 minutes, 8 modules
Google Tools
All Levels
GSuite School? Do you love Google Classroom as much as we do? this certification is for you.
120 minutes, 5 modules
Privacy & Security
All Levels
Learn more about how to keep you and your students safe while using tech.
60 minutes, 5 modules

Planning Certification
All levels
Learn and master the art of effectively planning a lesson!
65 minutes

Execution Certification
All levels
Learn and be a pro on how to effectively execute a lesson!
60 minutes

Big Goals Certification
All levels
Learn the foundations of setting effective goals with students!
30 minutes

Diversity & Inclusion Certification
All Levels
Learn the most useful strategies for engaging all your students!
75 minutes

Student Hero Certification
All levels
Learn the foundations of building strong relationships with families and students.
60 minutes

21st Century Learning
All Levels
Inquiry & Project based Learning, Gamification, Socratic Seminars, and Tech integration.
60 minutes

Personalized Learning
All levels
Tailored approaches for blended learning to meet all students’ needs.
60 minutes

Tech Integration
All Levels
Engage your students using computer and technology skills.
50 minutes