Edpuzzle Coach
Learn all the details about Edpuzzle. You will have the answers to any question! :)
What will you learn?
Module 1: Welcome!   2 videos, 2min
Welcome module: instructions and positive energy!
Module 2: Onboarding!   4 videos, 10min
Review the basics of Edpuzzle and the awesome Google Classroom integration.
Module 3: Search for the right video!   4 videos, 15min
How to smoothly transition from YouTube to Edpuzzle and how to share content.
Module 4: Create a stellar lesson!   5 videos, 15min
Learn basic editing tools and some secret features that will make your videos shine.
Module 5: Assign to your students!   5 videos, 15min
How to organize your content and share it with your students. 
Module 6: Manage your Edpuzzles!   5 videos, 15min
Manage your classes: change names, edit assignments, deadlines, students forgot their password. No problem.
Module 7: Check students' progress!   5 videos, 15min
You will know everything about the students' progress report. You will be a data king or queen.
Module 8: Premium!   3 videos, 5min
Learn the secret sauce to make your school a XXI century school.
What will you get?
    Certificate of completion (PDF & Linkedin).
    Continued education credit.
    Cool exclusive badge.
    Full lifetime access to this training program.
    Get premium discounts and unique network opportunities.