Online Professional Development
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Need certifications in your language? We offer them in Spanish (more coming soon)!
Edpuzzle Level 1    
Beginner level
This training is ideal for teachers just getting started with Edpuzzle.
40 minutes, 3 modules
Edpuzzle & Canvas Level 1    
Beginner level
This is ideal for teachers just getting started on Edpuzzle with Canvas.
45 minutes, 3 modules
Edpuzzle & Google Classroom Level 1    
Beginner level
This is ideal for teachers just getting started on Edpuzzle with Google Classroom.
45 minutes, 3 modules
Edpuzzle & Schoology Level 1    
Beginner level
This is ideal for teachers just getting started on Edpuzzle with Schoology.
45 minutes, 3 modules
Edpuzzle Level 2 
Intermediate level
This is best for teachers who've been using Edpuzzle for a few weeks.
30 minutes, 3 modules
Edpuzzle Coach
Advanced level
Master Edpuzzle and help the other teachers at your school.
90 minutes, 6 modules
Edpuzzle Flipped
All levels
Learn best practices on how to flip your class using Edpuzzle!
90 minutes, 8 modules
Self-Paced Classroom PD
Self-Paced Classroom
All levels
Learn to run a classroom where students set their own pace.
30 minutes

Gamification in Class
All levels
Learn how to channel the power of video games to your advantage.
50 minutes, 4 modules
Project-Based Learning
All levels
Empower your students to develop their skills through projects.
150 minutes, 8 modules
Google Tools
All levels
Are you a GSuite school? Love Google Classroom? This certification is for you!
120 minutes, 5 modules
Privacy & Security
All levels
Learn more about how to keep you and your students safe while using tech.
75 minutes, 5 modules
All levels
Learn and master the art of effective lesson planning.
65 minutes, 6 modules
All levels
Become a pro on effectively executing your lessons and delight your students!
60 minutes, 5 modules
Big Goals
All levels
Learn the foundations of setting effective goals with your students.
30 minutes, 4 modules
Diversity & Inclusion
All Levels
Learn the most useful strategies for engaging all of your students.
75 minutes, 5 modules
Student Hero
All Levels
Learn how to build strong relationships with your students and their families.
60 minutes, 5 modules
21st-Century Learning
All Levels
Inquiry- and project-based learning, gamification, Socratic seminars, tech & more!
60 minutes, 5 modules
Tech Integration
All Levels
Engage students using computer and technology skills.
50 minutes, 5 modules
Personalized Learning
All levels
Tailored approaches to blended learning to meet all your students' needs.
60 minutes, 4 modules