Edpuzzle Project-Based Learning Certification

We'll walk you through the theory of project-based learning and give you practical advice so you can engage your students in meaningful learning activities.
What will you learn?
Module 1: Introducing PBL    5 videos, 20min
What is PBL and how should you introduce it to your students, teachers, principal and parents?
Module 2: Design and manage PBL   4 videos, 20min
Learn how to use the PBL template to build your own projects!
Module 3: Successful PBL   3 videos, 12min
Get the key points you should follow in order to implement successful PBL.
Module 4: Inquiry-based learning   5 videos, 20min
What is inquiry-based learning? Learn how to implement it step by step.
Module 5: Problem-based learning    5 videos, 15min
See different examples of problem-based learning.
Module 6: Feedback and collaboration    4 videos, 15min
Learn how you and your students can give feedback on a project.
Module 7: Risk-taking classroom    4 videos, 15min
Learn how to build a safe risk-taking environment for your students.
Module 8: Curiosity    3 videos, 12min
Empower your students with the tools to ask meaningful questions and push their creativity.
What will you get?
    A certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)
    Continued education credit
    An exclusive badge
    Lifetime access to the course