Edpuzzle Planning Certification
Learn how to effectively plan a lesson like a rockstar!
What will you learn?
Module 1: Classroom management   5 videos, 12min
Build a classroom culture that sustains and drives excellence. 
Module 2: Learning spaces   3 videos, 13min
Learn different strategies for classroom arrangement to create personalized learning spaces.
Module 3: Purposeful planning   5 videos, 12min
Structure engaging lessons to create a flow from information to transformation. 
Module 4: Objectives   3 videos, 10min
Create clear lesson objectives to guide student learning.
Module 5: Student engagement   3 videos, 14min
Engage students in lessons and increase their involvement in the classroom.
Module 6: Assessments   4 videos, 6min
Discover different methods for assessing student mastery.
What will you get?
    A certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)
    Continued education credit
    An exclusive badge
    Lifetime access to the course