Edpuzzle Privacy and Security Certification

Learn key points about laws that apply to you as a teacher so you can protect yourself and your students while enjoying the advantages of new technologies.
What will you learn?
Module 1: Intro & laws    5 videos, 25min
What are COPPA and FERPA and how do they affect teachers?  
Module 2: Do's and dont's   4 videos, 15min
Discover the best practices on how to keep you and your students safe.
Module 3: Social media   4 videos, 15min
Learn the limitations of social media in your classroom. 
Module 4: Online awareness   3 videos, 10min
Get techniques on how to address issues like cyberbullying, sexting, and digital drama with your students.
Module 5: Picking the right tools    4 videos, 15min
Learn how to choose tools that keep you and your students safe.
What will you get?
    A certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)
    Continued education credit
    An exclusive badge
    Lifetime access to the course