Edpuzzle Schoology Certification

Learn the basics of Schoology as well as advanced features. Manage your students, classrooms, grades and video lessons like a pro!
What will you learn?
Module 1: Layout and How to Manage Students 2 videos, 12 min
Learn about the different pages in Schoology plus how to enroll or remove students from your groups.
Module 2: Assignments and Discussions   4 videos, 20min
Learn how to create assignments and discussions including the basics and more advanced features.
Module 3: Grades and Gradebook   5 videos, 20min
Create rubrics, set up your gradebook and learn shortcuts to manage your gradebook efficiently.
Module 4: Videos   2 videos, 5min
Learn how to use videos in Schoology to take your classes to the next level – easy and powerful!

What will you get?
    A certificate of completion (PDF & LinkedIn)
    Continued education credit
    An exclusive badge
    Lifetime access to the course